Apple Watch Bead Bands

Kayla recently found the love for making handcrafted watch bands! These are the perfect way to wear your watch without sacrificing style. I decided that with Kay's Closet why not accessorize with making some cute handmade bead bands and because I enjoy doing them so much why not make them available to everyone! I hope you love them as much as I do!
These bands are made with tough elastic and are meant to be snugs enough to still be able to use the heart rate monitor and feel your notification. Sizing is typically about 6 inches, but can be custom ordered to your wrist preference. Please see below on sizing information.
They're available in a variety of bead colors. Watch adapters are available in silver, rose gold, and space gray for 38/40mm and 42/44mm.

Custom Watch Bands made with 8mm semi-precious beads. Please be aware that natural stones can vary in color and markings making each one uniquely different.

Each band is customized to your preference in bead color, watch size and color, and wrist size.

Please measure your wrist before ordering, this is key and very important.

For reference, Kayla's wrist size is about 6.5 inches. Everyone has a different preference for tightness. I prefers a more snug fit so would choose the 6-6.5 inch selection. If she preferred a looser fit in this case, she would select 6.5-7 inch.

Message us with any questions regarding measurements. We are always happy to resize afterwards, but there is a resizing fee as the band has to be broken apart and remade in order to resize.