ORB: Setting North America's standard for anywhere/any-weather/anytime wearability. At ORB, our combined Canadian designs, thoughtfully engineered fabrics, honed patterns, and unmatched international manufacturing partnerships sculpt the perfect blend of North American styling with hints of trending European influence, while forgoing the price tag of haute couture labels.

KNOWN SUPPLY: At KNOWN SUPPLY, we are reimagining apparel production in a way that honors and celebrates the people behind the clothing we buy.

As shoppers, we rarely consider the implications our purchases have on the communities we actually make the items we wear and as a result companies are incentivized to drive prices and quality lower.


We work with underserved populations to provide meaningful work and to show the powerful impact our clothing purchases can have if made thoughtfully. 

We introduce you to the woman who made your apparel in an effort to bring people back to the forefront. Each KNOWN SUPPLY product is accompanied by the signature of the person who made it. 

RD Style: Our mantra is simple: Innovative style, in-season merchandize and integrity of product, all at a consumer favorable price point. We pride ourselves on being an accessible brand that offers comfortable, edgy and effortless staple pieces that make a statement.

THE ROSTER: The Roster was designed as a single launch campaign in 2016, that strived to break the boundaries of what media defines as "beautiful". Partnering with the BeaYOUtiful organization, and influencers across Canada, a clothing campaign was created to disrupt the social boarders of beauty, and instead, uplift women and men through a brand statement. The Roster is a full clothing line with simplistic designs featured seasonally. In wearing the product, we hope that you embrace your perfections and flaws that make you unique. YOU represent the shirt, in any shape and for, that expresses an individualistic complexion of beauty. 

 BLONDE AMBITION: Clothing that makes a statement and a change. We're a lifestyle label, with passion and purpose. A portion of all sales is directly donated back to the Rowan House in Southern Alberta or one of the great Animal Rescues we support (Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society & Saving Grace Animal Rescue). The Rowan House provides emergency shelter and domestic violence services to women near and far. All our clothing is designed and printed by them!



We’re a small business offering simple, easy silhouettes made from quality sustainable fabrics. Our collection is conceptualized, designed and manufactured in Vancouver Canada. Our graphics tell a story. They are to the point with a purpose.

It’s often said that fashion is an expression - and when you wear Object Local you are telling a story, and doing so with a bit of sass.


Object Local is proud to be the first in-house brand of The Cutting Room. The Cutting Room is a work-learn Fashion Design Academy, where full time and part time Fashion Design Students learn in an environment where established brands product develop and produce.

Producing local products matters to us, all our fabrics are sourced locally, we sew our garments in-house, work with local marketing teams, and print shops to create our digital content. Our graphic designers are local artists. Our aim is not only to produce locally sourced and made garments but to do so with the least amount of carbon footprint.

Working with the next generation of fashion designers we created a brand as a community. Object Local designs in-house, working with our staff, and students this allows us to be sustainable and innovative. We fuel the economy by creating jobs and The Cutting Room students an opportunity to elevate their knowledge and their experience in the fashion industry.


Making a positive difference by giving back because who needs another sweatshirt unless it’s cool and doing good. Art imitating life, sometimes glorious and always with great purpose.


Preloved is a brand that would never be described as conventional. Its hallmark is reclaimed vintage fabrics expertly combined new luxe accents to create one-of-a-kind clothing, all manufactured and designed with love in Canada,  Preloved’s designs capture colour and patterns to evoke a gorgeous life! We honour design by paying attention to detail, mastering sophistication but also welcoming a certain flare.

Devotees of Preloved include models, actors and musicians such as Julia Roberts, Kirsten Dunst, Angela Lindvall, Hilary Duff,  Anne Hathaway, Christine Horne, Kate Hudson and Daria Werbowy.

Founder and Creative Director Julia Grieve has made her mark on both the Canadian and global fashion markets. Under her guidance, Preloved has transformed into a lifestyle brand over the years and has been involved in many successful collaborations  with large retailers such as Roots, Indigo, The Bay and Holt Renfrew. She has taken Preloved into the wholesale market worldwide and its designs are sold across North America, Australia, Europe and Japan. Preloved online is now her focus with a new interface that makes shopping with Preloved an elegant and effortless experience.


Papillon is today's go-to brand for style-conscious women of all ages.


Incorporated in 1975, Papillon has stood the test of time. Mixing tried and true styles with the seasons latest trends, Papillon has quickly risen the ranks, shining in specialty boutiques and chain stores across North America. Classic, form flattering fits with bold and exciting prints leaves everyone in anticipation for Papillon's next season. And with offices in Vancouver and LA, Papillon is able to turn the latest runway looks into must have pieces for every women's closet.

Focusing on comfortable, easy to wear styles, that reach across age gaps Papillon has something for women of any age and every lifestyle.

Papillon's mission is to transform the current runway looks and global trends into must-have fashion for each season’s collection.